Check Out Luna Lanie’s Head-turning Cidney Cosplay

Cidney (or Cindy, in the English version) is a new character appearing in Final Fantasy XV. She introduces herself to the party as the head mechanic, much like the recurring character from the series, Cid who in this installment is related to her. To be more precise, she calls Cid “paw paw” in the English dialogue, even if he never appears. This hints to the fact that the actual Cid is somewhere in the world of Final Fantasy XV. She will pop up in different places – and while she is not deeply involved in the story or playable, she remains important to the party. This is the first time the character has been female.


What can I say? Luna Lanie smashed it. With graphics nearing uncanny valley levels of rendering perfection – as I was comparing shots of Luna’s cosplay to the in-game model, I was having trouble remembering which images I was looking at. Luna’s fine level detailing of things like the cap and jacket are just mind blowing. A simple costume full of tiny touches that really impresses on an astronomical level. I am completely floored with Luna’s level of perfection on this one. WOW.

cidney-cosplay-3 cidney-cosplay-4

Photography by Vivid Vision