Check Out Mario Running Around in Unreal Engine 4

With the release of the Wii U, Mario fans the world over were happy to finally see gaming’s biggest mascot running around in HD. While games like Super Mario 3D World are play, look and sound fantastic, it’s Mario’s recent appearance in this fan project that’s making Mario look his best. In the 5 minute video, which you can check out below, animator Aryok Pineral shows Mario running around in a variety of environments made in Unreal Engine 4. While some of the environments are realistic and are environments that come from the Unreal marketplace, some of them look they were ripped straight out of Super Mario 64, complete with sound effects and some remixed Mario 64 music.

Pineral says that while many of the environments and actions were taken from the Unreal marketplace and blueprints, every one of Mario’s animations were re-created from scratch, which is rather impressive. Of course, even though this is a fan project, and Pineral currently has no plans to go any further with it, don’t be surprised if this has taken down by due to copyright claims by Nintendo, so enjoy this while you can. Still, this is a rather nice piece of tech, and really shows off what a Mario game made in Unreal 4 would look like.