Check Out Raychul Moore in Sexy Poison Cosplay

Poison is one of the sexiest characters in gaming history.  Combine that with an extremely sexy cosplayer like Raychul Moore, and you are bound to receive eye candy that will make your jaw drop.  Surely, these images prove that point, as Raychul becomes the incredible fighter, Poison, herself by donning the character’s signature bright pink hair and scanty attire.


The added touch to Raychul’s cosplay are her props.  Equipped with handcuffs and leather black hat, Raychul personifies the definition of sexy, while at the same time having a no-nonsense, ass-kicking personality, just like Poison herself.  Raychul proves herself time and time again to be an incredible cosplayer, so if you enjoy her epic rendition of Poison, be sure to Like her on Facebook!