Check Out These 12 Solid Minutes of Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Gameplay footage has surfaced of the Final Fantasy crossover fighter Dissidia: Final Fantasy, currently testing in Japanese arcades with a PlayStation 4 release a high possibility in the future. The arcade footage, which clocks in at a solid 12 minutes, shows off a number of different stages and characters, particularly the Mako Reactor from Final Fantasy VII, music from Final Fantasy XIV, characters such as the Warrior of Light, the Onion Knight, Cloud, Y’shtola, Terra, and Lightning. Also included are the use of summons, particularly the fire summon Ifrit, as well as each of the characters fitting into one of three class specifications, Heavy (Cloud, Warrior of Light), Speed (Lightning, Onion Knight), and Ranged (Y’shtola, Terra).

Like with previous entries in the Dissidia series of games, each character will have their own specific move-set referencing their respective games. Cloud for instance, uses the Cross Slash Limit Break, while Y’sthrola uses Stone and Holy from Final Fantasy XIV. Currently, Dissidia: Final Fantasy is undergoing a test release in Japanese arcades, however is built on PlayStation 4 technology, so a port seems to be highly likely. Stay tuned for more information, and check out the footage below.