Check Out This Awesome Jane Foster Thor Cosplay

Thor is an icon when it comes to superheroes.  He fights with ferocity and brutalities for the things he believes in, and will always seek to protect those he loves.  His weapon of choice, his trusty hammer, is almost always seen at his side, and is almost as renowned as Thor himself.  We love incredible superhero cosplays, and cosplayer Florencia Sofen is known for her uncanny ability to perfectly portray superheroes.


For these images, Florencia decided to create a cosplay of the Jane Foster version of Thor, transforming her into the Goddess of Thunder.  Florencia’s armor is perfectly intake, and of course, her hammer prop looks ready to deal some insane damage.  Florencia looks fierce and ready to fight in epic style.  Awesome!

Photography by Ruiz-Davila