Check Out This Bloody Amazing BloodRayne Cosplay

The video game BloodRayne released almost 15 years ago now, but to fans who played and enjoyed the game, their love for it is eternal.  BloodRayne appeals to those who love a good hack and slash, especially one propelled by a half-human half-vampire named Rayne who can be seen decapitating humans and making a bloody mess.


One of the ways BloodRayne lives on strong is through cosplay.  We have seen numerous Rayne cosplays, and we can’t get enough of them.  Rayne gives off an eerie vibe, and when done right, she can be portrayed in both the gruesome and the sexy light that she is known for in the video game.  Cosplayer Fenix Fatalist definitely does Rayne justice in her amazing cosplay.  She looks straight out of the video game, and we couldn’t imagine a more perfect rendition of this long-loved character.



Photography by Milligan Vick