Check Out This Cute Harley Quinn Cosplay

Harley Quinn has been quite the iconic DC Comics character, making her first appearance in Batman: The Animated Series in 1992. Since then she quickly expanded over to a multitude of comics and later found her way into videogames. Fans fell in love with the former psychiatrist turned sidekick of the Joker, loving her spunk and wit. Some might have viewed her as a bit of a ditz but she quickly proved herself, completely capable of holding her own when in a fight. She even befriended Poison Ivy and gained immunity to both toxins and poisons. Pick whatever reason you want for falling in love with Harley Quinn you want — since there’s no doubt you will, as she has many traits that will reel you right in.


For all the sass she possesses, it isn’t much a stretch that cosplayers would don her iconic red and black outfits in attempts to become the villain sidekick. Some have done a fantastic job with her and others have truly brought the girl to life. Lilly Stella has earned top marks for her take on Harley Quinn, giving her a truly real-life feel. Not only is her Harley adorable but there’s no way you’d want to mess with her — as she might club you over the head.


Photography by Javier R. Sotres Photography