Check Out This Epic Looking Black Gold Saw Cosplay


Anime may have originated in Japan, but the sensation has made its way to numerous countries, quickly gaining popularity – and it doesn’t hurt that applications like Netflix and Crunchyroll feature more than a handful of shows. Through the numerous titles to choose from emerges Black Rock Shooter, that not only has an anime but manga adaptations as well as videogames. Around since 2012, Black Rock Shooter has flourished in popularity with cosplayers jumping at the gun in order to take on the personas provided by the various characters.


One in particular from the show is Black Gold Saw, a girl who looks quite fierce in appearance. One of the staple characters in the OVA series, Black Gold Saw dons a skimpy outfit, horns atop her head, claws on her fingers and a sword that could easily slice someone in two – seeing as it stands about as tall as she is. Paired with her time and reality altering abilities, as well as her ability to create beings and “other selves” from a watering can, it’s no wonder why someone might wish to look as downright terrifying and badass as Black Gold Saw does.


Cosplayer Yuriros sports the key factors of who Black Gold Saw is – her horns, short jacket, skeletal claws, and sword, in order to deliver a more than masterful cosplay of the character. Not only are we colored impressed, but Yuriros has earned herself an enthusiastic round of applause for a job very well done.