Check Out This Footage Of An Unreleased Star Wars Real Time Strategy Game

Games getting canceled is nothing new, as is the way the industry works. However, it’s pretty rare to see footage of said canceled game in action, but today is one of those instances, as footage from a supposedly canceled Star Wars real time strategy game surfaced.

The less than a minute footage, which you can check out below (though be careful, as EA, the current publisher or all Star Wars games, has been taking these video down on YouTube left and right), shows off a very rough demonstration of a real time strategy game set in the Star Wars universe, supposedly of the canceled game Star Wars: Outpost. The video was originally up on the Vimeo account of the supposed former art director of the game. According to an anonymous source from Eurogamer, the project was actually 90 percent complete, but was cancelled after LucasArts shutdown in 2013, alongside other high profile game Star Wars: 1313.

Could we see a re-release of this sometime down the road? At this point, it’s highly unlikely, which is a shame really, as an RTS set in the Star Wars universe would be all kinds of awesome. For now though, all we can do is watch this small demo of the game and just imagine what could have been.