Check Out this Radiant Gijinka Leafeon Cosplay

Gijinka cosplay basically means a fan’s redesign of an animal-like character into a humanoid form. In the case of gijinka Pokemon, it makes from truly creative and adorable cosplay. Take Leafeon, for example. For those of you who didn’t spend your youth trying to catch them all, Leafeon is a mammalian, four-legged Pokemon. It has a light than body with darker brown paws and several green sprouts growing on it, the longest sprout on its head. Ears and tail have a leafy appearance. Leafeon is the leaf evolution of Eevee, and is just so dang adorable. It’s cellular structure is similar to plants, which allows it to do photosynthesis and purify the air around it through a nice nap in the sunshine. Leafeon is a pacifist Pokemon, and prefers not to fight.


Australian cosplayer Kayla Erin does a lovely version of Leafeon. She is straight up adorable, which fits with Leafeon perfectly. This cosplay is alluring, sweet, and altogether charming. Kayla gives credit to Geek’s Guild Entertainment and Cosplay for the costume, which fits her to a T. The headpiece is really eye catching, though it’s Kayla that pulls the whole look together and really shines.



Photography by Volk Photography and Maddic Photography