A Cheshire Cosplay You’d be Mad for Messing Around With

Deadly terrorist and enemy of the Teen Titans, Cheshire is one of the worlds most ruthless and greatest assassins with various weaponry skills and mastery over physical combat and is also an expert on exotic poisons, thanks to her ex-husband and famous African assassin, the Spitting Cobra.  More commonly known as Jade Nguyen, she is not only a long-term rival of the Teen Titans, she is also a member of the Ravens, Tartarus, The Secret Six, *deep breath* Titans Villains for Hire and of course, the Injustice League.


Here we see Ms Nguyen brought to life by American cosplayer under the name of Silver Shade who has cosplayed a number of characters from both the DC and Marvel universes, and as you can see here, she has done a phenomenal job of bringing them to life, in particular, the sexy assassin in jade green with poison fingertips. She captures every aspect of the deadly gorgeous hand-to-hand combatant from the jade green dress to the grinning Cheshire Cat mask.  This is one putty-tatt not to mess with. You would be mad for doing so.




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