Chloe Frazer Seeks Treasure in Epic Cosplay


Chloe Frazer is one of the characters in the Uncharted series. A former lover of Nathan Drake, she is an Australian treasure hunter. Known for her great butt and a long list of accomplishments, her wide range of skills are in high demand. With a slightly skewed sense of morality, her unpredictability can make her seem like an unwanted member, but her practicality and adaptability make her an asset to any team.


Major Sam cosplays the treasure hunter in a gem of a cosplay. Her hair is pulled to the side in a low ponytail, her layered necklaces, and a bandanna wrapped around her wrist. Wearing Chloe’s red short sleeve shirt with teal edging and a black frayed shirt underneath, she is ready to find her latest fortune. Khaki pants tucked into brown boots and a matching brown belt complete the outfit. On her back is a brown pack and she wields a gun. Photographer Steven Brown captures Major Sam beautifully. With shoots in a wilderness setting in Australia, they really bring Chloe Frazer to life.





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