Chris Evans on Cap and Iron Man’s Captain America Civil War Feud

By now it’s well known that the inciting conflict that will plunge the MCU into civil war will be about the Superhero Registration Act, calling on all super-powered beings on Earth to submit to a central authority.

Since the conflict will play out In Captain America Civil War, Chris Evans’s Cap’s perspective on events is likely going to be central to the tone and connotations the film assigns to the teams and the rationales for fighting.

Chris Evans spoke about just that at his (supposedly) solo panel at Salt Lake Comic Con just a few days ago.

“Tony actually thinks we should be signing these accords and reporting to somebody and Cap, who’s always been a company man and has always been a soldier, actually doesn’t trust anymore. Given what happened in Cap 2, I think he kind of feels the safest hands are his own,” Evans said. “And these are understandable concerns, but this is tough, because even reading the script, you think I think I agree with Tony in a way, and I do agree that to make this work, you do need to surrender to the group. It can’t just be one person saying this is right and this is what we’re going to do.”

“But Cap has his reasons, he certainly has his reasons, and he is a good man and his moral compass is probably the cleanest,” Evans added. “This is a tough thing. This is what made it so interesting while we were filming, and it’s hopefully what will make the movie great is nobody’s right, nobody’s wrong. There’s no clear bad guy here. We both have a point of view, which is akin to most disagreements in life and politics.”

Unlike your average social-media political squabble, the outcome of the Marvel Civil War will likely have dramatic consequences for the world and the characters. We’ll have to hit theaters on May 6th, 2016 to find out what those consequences will be.

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune