Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan Criticizes Marvel’s Credits Stinger Penchant

The big name critical Hollywood filmmaker who thoroughly stamped the public’s current image of Batman with his Dark Knight Trilogy, has some choice words for Marvel’s cinematic superhero methods. The Guardian has a LONG new expose on Nolan in the production and creative cycle of Interstellar, his latest high concept sci-fi drama. Part of the article discusses his continuing influence in Warner Brother’s germinating superhero cinematic universe.

Apparently, the Studio had asked if Batman V Superman director Zack Snyder would add a comedic Marvel style coda to the film. Nolan, who produced Man of Steel, replied, “A real movie wouldn’t do that.”

Oh boy…Let me try to dowse the flame war before it starts. If you take the time, and fair warning it may take a while, to read the full piece, a major theme is Nolan’s attitude about filmmaking and that he takes it seriously. The piece talks about Nolan’s preference for practical effects, compelling, gritty drama and the integrity of film as an art form. Also, this quote is a single sentence likely taken out of a lengthier response to the question.

In other news, Christopher Nolan thinks post credits stingers are gimmicky. And he doesn’t like gimmicky. Yeah well, that’s fine Chris, but I’m happy to have the diversity that Marvel’s palpable sense of FUN brings to the general superhero movie scene.