Cinderella Rises to Riches in Amazing Cosplay


Many know the story of Cinderella from their childhood. A young woman is treated as a servant by her evil step-mother and two hideous step-sisters. A sweet and charming girl, Cinderella befriends the mice of the house as her only form of companionship. One day there is a ball held at the royal castle. Excited, Cinderella is miraculously granted permission to attend if she finishes the absurd amount of chores assigned to her. Wishing for a miracle, her Fairy Godmother appears, and the end result is a beautiful dress that snags her the prince and a life of true happiness.


Cosplayer Major Sam dons the elegant evening gown in her cosplay of the Disney Princess. With blonde hair done up and held back by a light blue headband, she is the exact copy of Cinderella. In a stunning remake of Cinderella’s iconic dress, she is covered in light blue, and white decadence. With the black choker around her neck, she is ready to attend the ball. Kiara Maas takes stunning photos of Major Sam’s Cinderella cosplay, highlighting the sweet, yet regal, nature of the character.





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