Ciri Cosplay is Guaranteed to Make Your Jaw Drop

Cirilia was born a princess, but her life has been plagued by many trials and tragedy. In the Witcher, Ciri is known to be a Source which means that she possesses many magical powers that can prove very fatal to anyone that opposes her, however, she disavowed her magic and became a huntress. Coincidentally, her talents as a huntress make her equally as deadly even without her magic. Albeit there have been many fruitless assassination attempts on her life throughout the game, her alliances with different characters as well as her will to survive have proven to be very useful to her.

Shermie Cosplay looks as if she sprung right out of the game. The costume, the wig, the makeup, and the scars are all done so meticulously. Shermie is the epitome of Ciri. Her photos show her in solitude which Ciri felt in almost the entirety of her life. The scars and bruises tell the story of her struggles. Not only that, but her eyes are what really grab you. One would almost think that Shermie overcame all of the trials that Ciri did herself because her eyes are filled with such emotion and passion. Overall, a truly outstanding work of art.




Written by Guest Contributor: Julie Kitten