Ciri Cosplay is Prepared for a Wild Hunt

Ciri has a complicated history through The Witcher series of games and novels. She’s the adopted daughter of main protagonist, Geralt, and also featured as a playable character in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

In the game’s prologue, Geralt experiences a dream in which he trains a youthful Ciri at Kaer Morhen. The dream then morphs into a nightmare, as the Wild Hunt appears, freezing everyone – including Ciri – and leaving Geralt helpless to act.


Ciri’s fate, along with Geralt’s, is in the hands of the player via choices made during specific quests. It’s deceptively simple to say that you need to make more positive choices than negative. The differences in choices for Ciri may not seem apparent if you’re not thinking in terms of emotionality and father / daughter or mentor / student relationship.

Within the story of Witcher 3, Ciri is fleeing the Wild Hunt in many perilous journeys, trying avoid capture, and helping those she can along the way. At times, she is in tandem with Geralt, though for much of the story she is on her own.


Ciri is a descendant of a long-lost Elven blood lineage, and is a “powerful living weapon that’s capable of both and destroying the world she inhabits.” That power she embodies, and also the fact that’s of Elder blood, is the reason that she’s coveted by the Wild Hunt. She can also be funny, kind, loyal, but independent, and is a certifiable badass. Here, Rhani Cosplay brings Ciri to life with an outstanding, highly detailed cosplay. Nothing here is overlooked, from the detailing on the gloves and sword, to the scar that runs down the side of Ciri’s left cheek. In some gameplay photos, Ciri’s hair appears to be stark white, while in others, it’s a very light blonde. Rhani chooses to go with soft blonde instead of white, which adds further realism to her overall look. This is a gorgeous cosplay of a fantastic female character.

Photography by Spoon Cosplay