Classic Battlefield 2 Map Gets Battlefield 4 Remake

In news that would certainly please many long time Battlefield fans, DICE has revealed which classic map will be getting remade as part of the Classic Map Project. After looking at a multitude of factors, including a recent fan poll, the map that was chosen is Battlefield 2’s Dragon Valley. Taking to the game’s official Reddit page, the company explained that “with the Community Map Project catering to the wills of the majority (which tend to like predominately infantry based play)-we wanted to make sure the classic map project would cater to our equally veteran & vehicle-players”.

In addition, the team “spent some time looking at all the maps at the top of the poll results to get refreshed on just how these maps felt in-game” and that they weren’t “only looking to just re-imagine the maps visually-we also would like the gameplay of the map to be similar to the old version.” The updated version of Dragon Valley is currently available on the Community Test Environment. Once testing is complete, it will be released for all platforms free of charge.