Classic Blink-182 Song Recreated in Grand Theft Auto V

The late 90s were a magical time for many people. For me, a young boy at the time, it was a time of Pokemon, Batman: The Animated Series, and drinking Surge (it was the 90s). For those who were teens or in their twenties, however, it was a time of self discovery, trying to find one’s place in the ever changing world….and listening to bands like Blink-182. Now, thanks to YouTuber icanteven, you can relive the late 90s with this recreation of the band’s most famous music videos for the song “What’s My Age Again”, nudity and all.

The two minute video, which you can see below, is actually spot-on, mimicking the music video as well as possible within Grand Theft Auto V and the three playable characters of Micheal, Franklin, and Trevor. Of course, there are a few creative liberties taken for a bit of comedic effect, such as Trevor punching a random stranger, or the three getting run over by a tank, which admittedly made me chuckle.

If you want to recreate other Blink-182 songs or really any popular song from any late 90s band (Hanson anybody?), Grand Theft Auto V is available now for the PC, where many of these mods and videos are made possible.