Clown Princess Harley Quinn Cosplay!

One of the greatest villains in the DC universe is of course, the Joker. His utter lack of feelings and ruthless insanity makes his one of the baddest of all, and that was bound to get him a fan girl sometime. Dr. Harleen Quinzel fell for the Joker and fell for him hard. After helping him escape from Arkham Asylum, where he was her patient, she goes a little insane and takes up the persona of Harley Quinn. Despite his awful abuse she stays by the side of her beloved puddin’ and eventually befriends Poison Ivy and the two gal pals create tons of mayhem all on their own.

harley-quinn-cosplay-2Angela Bermudez does an awesome version of Harley in her original, good old Harley, form. Her costume is pure perfection and she looks like a living breathing Alex Ross art. Somebody get that gal a bazooka!

Photography by Gabriel Jimenez.


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Written by Guest Contributor: Novblue