Code Geass’ C.C. in Lovely Cosplay


Meet C.C. from Code Geass, the beautiful immortal witch and, of course, the pizza girl. C.C. has been around for hundreds of years, being apparently immortal to any wound given enough healing time. Because of her extremely long lifetime, C.C. is a somewhat detached character who has difficulty forming attachments with others.


Although C.C. has a serious history and duty, she is not without one character flaw to give classic anime-style comic relief. Enter, C.C. the Pizza Girl! Who can’t resist a delicious pizza regardless of the personal consequence? C.C.’s obsession with pizza is often used for comedic effect as her irrational love for pizza sometimes causes undesirable situations.


Russian beauty, Taisia Flyagina, effortlessly brings us an equally beautiful and adorable C.C. cosplay. Taisia has several other cosplays including Macross Frontier, Catherine, and some super kawaii Lolita creations. Be sure to go and check out her page for more of her gorgeous work!

 Photography by Yui Lang



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