Cold and Deadly Revy Cosplay is a Killer


Revy, Rebecca, or Two Hand, Black Lagoon fans all know this beautiful gunfighter. A past filled with an alcoholic and abusive father and corrupt cops has shaped Revy into a no-nonsense, punch-first, sarcastic, competitive woman.


Revy is characterized as a merciless, cold-blooded, and even sadistic killer. Although as the audience gets to know her through the anime and manga, it becomes slowly apparent that her outrageously violent tendencies are also somewhat of a coping mechanism as she struggles with the abuse from her past. Black Lagoon delivers a complex character with this gunfighter.


Beautiful Russian cosplayer, Arienai Ten, brings Revy to life in this epic cosplay. Contacts, makeup, and even a fake tattoo bring this cosplay from amazing to epic. This was Arienai’s first cosplay and her cosplay wardrobe is full of even more epic cosplays ranging from Bayonetta to Mermaid Eva and even a few original characters and designs. Check out her page! We promise you won’t be disappointed!

 Photography by TimTim




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