Collect Gems with this Spyro Cosplay

Spyro the purple dragon has been a fan favorite character since he first hit the video game scene in 1998 with Spyro the Dragon. Charging, gliding, and breathing fire, Spyro gathered gems, smashed through enemies and saved his fellow dragons from stone captivity. Featuring various incarnations throughout his gaming history, Spyro is always adventurous and willing to help those around him, making friends where ever he goes.


Cosplayer Himorta has created a wonderful presentation of the purple dragon. Featuring a scaled purple bikini top with red and gold dragon wings on the back, she looks ready to take flight. The flowing bottom is a graceful addition. The highlight of the cosplay is the carved Spyro headpiece. Instantly recognizable, Himorta hits all the details from the slight curve of his horns, the ridge of his eyebrows and even the look in his eyes. Sitting atop flowing purple hair, Himorta has crafted an amazingly creative cosplay of Spyro the Dragon.

spyro-cosplay-3 spyro-cosplay-4