Comic Cosplay Wednesday: A Badass Lady Deadpool Cosplay


Test subject turned comical badass; Deadpool is a fantastic character from the Marvel Comics universe. Possessing a wide variety of experimental powers and abilities, such as the power to regenerate like Wolverine, Deadpool is an all around powerful mercenary.

deadpool-cosplay-2Photography by Convoke Photography

Lady Deadpool is a version of Deadpool from an alternate universe that possesses all the fantastic powers of the original Deadpool. A common cosplay due to the fun and vibrant personality of Deadpool, it is always exciting to see each cosplayers take on this wild character. Deadpool is a welcome sight at any comic convention for the cosplayers abilities to make everyone laugh and carry on in true Deadpool fashion!

deadpool-cosplay-3Photography by ASPhotography

Sassmira Cosplay is a fun and spunky cosplayer, so it is no surprise that she is a perfect fit to Deadool’s character. Her skill in construction and attention to detail with her characters personality and mannerisms makes for a real treat. A welcome addition to ATC’s epic cosplayers, we can’t wait to see more from Sassmira Cosplay!




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