Comic Cosplay Wednesday: A Black Widow Cosplay With Some Serious Bite!


Natasha Romanoff, otherwise known as the Black Widow, is the rough and tough female lead in the Marvel Entertainment movie franchise, The Avengers. A character rich in history and with countless backstories and secret identities, Natasha is best known for her appearance in the Avengers movie where she was played by Scarlet Johansson. Fierce, sexy, and ruthless Black Widow is easily one of the strongest females in comic books.

This Black Widow cosplay done by Christina Faye is one young girls and future cosplayers can truly look up to. Sporting the straight red hair from the Captain America 2 design, and even posing similarly to the movie posters, she executes the look perfectly. Christina looks flawless as Natasha, and the costume is absolutely stunning. Decked out in a sultry pleather body suit and artillery belts and holsters every which way, this Black Widow is ready to save the world from evil and villainy.

Photography by Wolf Studios, edit by SGH PhotoArt.



Written by Guest Contributor: ShaunaOH