Comic Cosplay Wednesday: An Impressive Cosplay of Molli from BubbleGun!


BubbleGun is a comic book series by Aspen Comics. The story is about a group of mercenary thieves in the future who have cyber-punk technology. They are able to take on the most dangerous jobs. Devyn is the leader of the group. Her sister, Molli, is the youngest of the group. Kyo is a part of the group but he also has an interest in Molli. Roman, Oleg, Riggs, and Caprice are also members of the group.

LittleBitLizbit portrays Molli from BubbleGun perfectly. Her bright, colorful hair along with her futuristic gun and pink and blue costume show just how awesome Molli truly is. This lovely cosplayer is great at representing the determination and bravery that Molli exhibits. LittleBitLizbit is ready to take on the world, and she isn’t going to let anybody stop her! This is by far one of our absolute favorite BubbleGun cosplays yet.




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Written by Guest Contributor: Wonderflexwoman