Comic Book Cosplay: Mad Love for this Harley Quinn Cosplay

If Harley Quinn was described in three words they would certainly be obsessive, lovable and psychotic. Such an odd assortment of words linked together is why so many fans of Batman warmed so quickly to this quirky character. Although she may be a villain, often emotionally blackmailed by the Joker to do his bidding, there’s still a glimmer of normalcy and silliness in her actions making us forget that she’s a ‘bad guy’. More recent comics such as Gotham Sirens and the current Harley Quinn run are doing just that that; trying to show Harls in a much different light, while reminding the reader that she’s still not exactly right in the head.

Harley Quinn Cosplay by JasDisney



Originally supposed to be a one-off character, Harley’s role as the Jokers girlfriend lets her utilize trademark clownish gags and jokes laced with deadly repercussions. Furthermore, her involvement with Joker is even more of a mystery. Before her masked alter ego came to fruition, she was a psychiatrist working at Arkham Asylum by the name of Harleen Quinzel. As the Jokers shrink, she becomes increasingly obsessed with him until essentially dedicating her life to him. Their relationship often suffers extreme ups and downs, leading many to feel pity for Harley.


JasDisney absolutely nailed Harley Quinn. It’s a rare instance where everything just clicks. Combining the supremely perfect choice of location for this photoshoot with the accuracy of the costume and skill of the photographer makes it feel as if we’re at the fairground with Harley. Furthermore, <Jas> truly shows the right amount of zaniness that the masked jester always delivers.




Written by Guest Contributor: Erica