Comic Cosplay Wednesday: Marvel Over this Sweltering Hot Ms Marvel Cosplay!

It has been theorized that suffering builds strong personal attributes that center around superb qualities and abilities, and Ms. Marvel is definitely not a stranger to suffering and strife in the Marvel universe. The day that Carol Danvers encountered a Kree Psyche-Magneton explosion, her desires of having powers like Captain Marvel quickly turned into an almost surreal reality—forever changing her normal human genetic makeup into the perfect blend of human and Kree genotypes, creating the intelligent and highly skilled Ms. Marvel.

ms-marvel-cosplay-2Throughout her career as a superhero, the strong and gorgeous Ms. Marvel has continued to captivate her audience with her astounding abilities to yield superhuman strength, utilize a seventh sense to see into the future, master rapid flight, and exhibit fierce warrior skills, as well as bend any energy that surrounds her to use her advantage. We have watched her continuously take on any challenge that she is faced with, from the tragic loss of her beloved boyfriend, to her near death experience that resulted in the loss of her powers when she battled the energy-draining hands of Rogue.
ms-marvel-cosplay-3Ms. Marvel has exhibited several astounding costumes and personas over the years. Perhaps one of her most personally liberating costumes is the classic costume that transitioned Ms. Marvel from continuously having to live in the shadow of Captain Marvel’s powers, into her own superhero spotlight. This shiny black uniform with a bold gold lightning bolt brilliantly displayed for all to see still reminds us of her original suit by the signature red sash elegantly tide around her waist. Stunning cosplayer EnjiNight must have channeled some serious sweltering hot energy when she exquisitely recreated this accurate replica of Ms. Marvel’s classic costume—leaving us captivated by her superb cosplay abilities.



Photography by Pugoffka.


Written by Guest Contributor: Domoshimi


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