Comic Cosplay Wednesday: A Personally Liberating Venom Cosplay

Venom has left many of us with an eerie chill creeping down our spines as we have watched the alien race continuously sustain life on earth through preying on an array of unexpected hosts. Few have ever been able to escape the grasp of the thick, dark, goopy alien once it latches on. How utterly freaky would it be to be walking along, minding your own business, when suddenly you find a small black spot on your arm? No matter how hard you try, you just cannot seem to wipe the revolting black goop from your arm as it continues to spread across the top of your hand at an exceptional rate—fear begins to overcome your every thought. What should you do? Should you tell anyone?


While you are torn between choosing the best solution to this perplexing problem, you suddenly notice that you are feeling a surge of uncontrollable bursts of energy that seem to help you run and move faster. You must now decide if you should search for someone to help you eliminate the rapidly-growing goop that has now managed to cover your entire right arm, or if you should just give in. For one brief moment, you cannot help but to contemplate the idea of letting the symbiote continue to grow around your body, as it brings you such an unfathomable new sensation of power. After all, who wouldn’t be tempted by a rush of energy that improves upon their less-than-par human strength? The answer then becomes clear as soon as you begin seeing bits and pieces of someone else’s troubled past rushing through your head. Your endorphins begin soaring, as your adrenaline starts pumping faster than your mind can keep up. You know right then that you must do whatever it takes to irradiate this plague of doom that has taken over your body at an exponential rate.


As we have seen in the past in the Marvel Universe, the only way to free one’s self from the venom symbiote when it has latched onto a host is to expose it to supersonic sound waves, or an extreme heat. It appears the exceptionally sweltering hot cosplayer, Alexia Jean Grey has found herself in this very predicament, and just as we would do in this horrifying situation, she appears to be trying to rid herself from Venom before she has lost all hope of freeing herself from the inevitable calamity that will soon takeover her body. Luckily for her, she appears to be emitting such an exceptional heat that it just might free her from the determined symbiote that has latched onto her hospitable flesh.




Photography by Max Cookies Power.


Written by Guest Contributor: Domoshimi