Comic Wednesday: A Godly Thor Cosplay Worthy of the Mighty Mjolnir

thor-cosplay-1Photography by YorkInABox

Thor is a character that has seen eons of chaos and destruction. The God of Thunder joined the Avengers as a founding member back in 1963 and has held his place there through to the 2012 film. Based on the Norse god of the same name and title, Thor is an Asgardian demi-god that wields the power of thunder through his hammer Mjolnir. An inscription on the hammer reads, “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.”

thor-cosplay-2Photography by Estrada Photography

This cosplay of Thor by Miss Piratesavvy is absolutely worthy! While this once would’ve been considered a genderbent cosplay, it will soon become fully canon with the announcement made by Marvel last week that Thor will in fact become a female character. The sheer beauty of this cosplay is convincing enough that the swap will be nothing short of brilliant. The flawlessly crafted armor and headpiece accentuate the detail and great care that went into making this cosplay, and it shows. Like a distant star in the galaxy, Miss Piratesavvy’s Thor cosplay shines bright.

thor-cosplay-3Photography by Alvin Recinto

thor-cosplay-4Photography by Nelson Seralbo