Comic Wednesday: This Black Cat Cosplay is Far from Unlucky

Black Cat, otherwise known as Felicia Hardy, is a beloved character in the Marvel universe. Most recognizable as one of Spider-Man’s former flames, the duo often roamed together as romance bloomed. One might ask who could possibly resist her charm, with her physical prowess coupled with her deadly beauty. Her skin-tight suit and alluring black mask only add to the appeal. With an air of mystery, she’s one cat-burglar that’s sure to steal anyone’s heart!


Cosplayer Christina Faye has brought the character to life in this stunning set of photos. Not only is she purr-fect for the role, with all of the femme fatale attitude expected of a super heroine, but the wonderful details of her costume really shine against the black backdrop. It’s classic in all of the right ways… as well as sleek and chic just like her feline counterpart. It’s as if she stepped out of the darkness… ready to pounce at whatever adventures await her.

Now that’s one pretty kitty.

black-cat-cosplay-3 black-cat-cosplay-4




Written by Guest Contributor: LadyOfRohan
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