Comics Cosplay: Supergirl Cosplay “Steels” Show

Who wouldn’t want to be as adorable as the young and virtually invincible Supergirl? While she still has much to learn about controlling powers, Kara has had the opportunity to learn from some of the best heroes in the DC Universe. Could you imagine how totally awesome it would be to train with Batman and Robin in order to master the discipline that is needed to be a top-notch superhero? The young and charming Kryptonian has also had the opportunity to work with the Teen Titans and the Justice League! However, even with her superb training, Kara still has much to learn in order to execute her powers as well as her cousin, Superman.


Supergirl is definitely one exceptionally intelligent teenager, who has spent many years devoting her time to being the best. EnjiNight has compiled several well-crafted cosplays that you can find on her DeviantART page; however, her Supergirl cosplay just might “steel” the show as one of her best character choices yet. We absolutely adore her charming smile as she soars through the sky at the speed of light. With her captivating bright blue eyes that match her costume perfectly, in addition to her red velvet cape flowing in the wind with its shiny gold edges, EnjiNight has left us in awe with her creation. Photo editor, Sarmai, has taken EnjiNight’s cosplay to a whole new level. We look forward to seeing more of EnjiNight’s wonderful work in the future!



Photography and edits by Sarmai Balazs.


Written by Guest Contributor: Domoshimi