Heroes Reborn on NBC

Comikaze 2015: Heroes Reborn Writers Answer Fan Questions

Before Marvel and DC realized that they could make a ton of money and new fans by making TV shows based on their popular series and having overarching plots that connect to each other, there was a NBC show that went by the name Heroes. Focusing on various individuals who had gained special powers like flight, time travel, super speed, etc., Heroes quickly gained a following of devoted fans. While the show was ultimately cancelled after four seasons (with seasons three and four being poorly received by fans and critics alike), there’s no question that Heroes was a show that was ahead of its time. Now, the series is back with a 13-episode mini series called Heroes Reborn. The story continues years after season four ended and even brings back some of the original cast from the series, as well as spawning some prequel novellas and comics. At this year’s Comikaze, the writers of one of these “Heroes Reborn” novellas, Peter J. Wacks and Kevin J. Anderson sat down for a fan Q and A.

If you’re a fan of Heroes Reborn and are now asking yourself, “What the heck are these novellas?”, you aren’t alone. “These aren’t usually seen as that important”, said Anderson in response to a fan that had never heard of them until now. He then recalls that, while his novels based on The X-Files were really popular, it was a small number compared to the actual number of people who watched the show daily. However, both agreed that the writers of Heroes Reborn gave them quite a bit of lead way. “The writers of the show were very supportive”, said Wacks, going on to say that although there were some things they weren’t allowed to use (such as having Hiro as a character), the writers of the show were very supportive of the drafts for the story they wrote.

Pulling back the curtain a bit, Anderson revealed that he never relies solely on fantasy and science fiction tropes when writing his stories, citing one of his favorite movies as a kid, The Great Escape, as an example of other media that he takes inspiration from when writing. Toward the end of the presentation, both Anderson and Wacks teased that a new character with a “power never before seen on TV or comics” will be in this….before joking saying that it was the ability to shoot snot out of someone’s nose. The Heroes Reborn novellas are available now on all mobile devices, and the last one will be released in 22 days, which they wanted to emphasize. Once the last one is released, there are plans to release all six novellas into one paperback collection next year.