Complete Your Focus with this Vanille Cosplay

Vanille is one of the main characters in the Final Fantasy XIII saga. Always optimistic, slightly clueless and outgoing, Vanille helps hold the group together through their many trials. Even though she holds a dark secret, she tries her best to put the next foot forward. Wielding a binding rod, she helps her friends down many paths, especially when they arrive on Gran Pulse. Along the way she learns to face her fears and learn from her mistakes instead of running away from them as she had done previously.


Cosplayer KiaraBerry slips into Vanille’s colorful attire and pink pigtails in her cute Vanille cosplay. Pink top and multicolored skirt are adorned with multiple strands of beads. Brown belt holds up her yellow pouch. Fur trimmed yellow boots, a fur sash hanging off her waist and many bangle bracelets complete the look. Relaxing on some rocks, her pleasant personality shines in various poses.


Photography by Emanuele Bravi and Dizzy