Control the Earth with this Toph Cosplay

Toph Beifong was born blind. Even through this she is a laid back, quirky character who doesn’t like being doted upon. Discovering that the badgermoles were skilled earthbenders as well as blind, she started to practice her skill, allowing her to see vibrations in the Earth. Her unconventional training and distinct attachment to nature quickly gave her an edge in fighting other earthbenders. Becoming the worlds greatest earthbender, she left home in order to train Aang as well as escape from her overbearing parents.



Photo by N8e

Cosplayer Shappi Workshop is perfect in her Toph cosplay. Going with the young version featured in Avatar the Last Airbender, she has the glazed eyes of someone who is blind. Short black hair is kept back with a green headband with white pom poms on the ends. White and green attire cinched at the waist with a leather belt completes the look. Posing in various fighting positions reminiscent of the show, Shappi Workshop nails her Toph cosplay.



Photo by Wenbin Photo


Photo by Kyman Cheng Photography


Photo by Pixelkeeper Photography