Control the Sky with this Charizard Cosplay

Charizard is the final evolution of the fire starter Pokemon Charmander and one of the original 151. With a fire tipped tail that grows in intensity when it is mad, many Charizards can burn through boulders, melt glaciers and accidentally set forests on fire. Always in search of powerful opponents, Charizard can reach heights of up to 4,600 feet in its quest. Physically fit and draconic in appearance, its power can be further pushed by Mega Evolving it.


Cosplayer White Spring shows off her gijinka Charizard cosplay based off of artist DAV-19’s work. An armored, yet elegant dragon, she is certainly feminine with her midriff showing. The bustier is heavily armored with dragon teeth along the upper edge. Matching teeth adorn the shoulder armor and greaves. The orange armor is embellished with gold detailing and red gemstones. Leather straps hold the flowing white cloth around her hips. Wings, horns, and tail complete the costume perfectly.


Photography by Rojano Photo and Katrix Media