Cool Off with this Sexy Crystal Maiden Cosplay

Rylai, better known as the Crystal Maiden, was born with an affinity for ice. As she grew her elemental powers started to cause problems for those around her. Crops became frost bitten, rivers froze, and orchards became hazardous mazes of crashing ice. Her older sister, Lani, suffered the same fate with fire, causing their parents to quickly run out of options when it came to raising the girls. Sent away to live in the Icewrack, she began to study under an Ice Wizard at Blueheart Glacier. Mastering her frigid powers, she is unmatched by any other.


Sayla Cosplay heats things up by creating a summer Crystal Maiden cosplay. Strutting her stuff in a light blue bikini, she plays around in crystal clear water. Wearing a dark blue sash around her waist and matching dark blue thigh high stockings, she performs ice magic due to amazing photo editing. Her blue eyes are highlighted by the radiant blue gem on her forehead, distinct to Crystal Maiden.


Photography by Grey Cosplay