A Cosplay of AVALANCHE’s Epic Little Sweetheart, Tifa!

We all have that one friend who is always so freaking adorable and sweet that she can somehow brighten even the darkest of our days. Tifa Lockhart has to be one of the few who can lift the spirits of those who have been knocked down. With her super optimistic attitude and adorable smile, we have admired her for years as she has stood by her dearest friends to beat down Sephiroth for the destruction he caused on her hometown. While she may be young and petite, her tiny little fists offer a powerful punch that can send any opponent flying through the air as if they were just struck by a massive wildebeest.


Often times, a cosplayer picks a character who they admire and can relate to. The gorgeous Italian cosplayer who goes by Strawberryfieldssff on DeviantArt definitely admires Tifa for her uncanny strength that is hidden beneath all of her utterly sweet layers of kindness. She has teamed up with her assistant, Seorth, and photographer Eduard Luzhetskiy to capture some unforgettable shots of her masterful creation of Tifa Lockhart’s classic outfit.


With her awesome long brown hair, short white tank top, long black and brown gloves that protect her tiny fists of fury, and her sexy black mini skirt that is held in place with those adorable black suspenders—we can see just how spot on Strawberryfieldssff was with her admirable creation of Tifa, and we are so glad that she has shared these epic photos that will surely brighten your day!

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Written by Guest Contributor: Domoshimi