This Cruella De Vil Cosplay Will Steal your Heart Away

Cruella De Vil is one of the baddest Disney Villians since the hunter that killed Bambi’s mom. She somehow managed to take animal cruelty and make it fabulous. With the long fur coat and one of the most interesting hairstyles seen in any animated movie, Cruella has taken a place in the classic Disney hall of fame, becoming one of Disney’s most famous nemeses.

Cruella De Vil Cosplay

One Hundred and One Dalmatians made its debut in 1961 with the plot following Cruella as she attempts to kidnap all the many puppies of Pongo and Perdita, the main Dalmatians and protagonists of the film. Cruella wishes to make them all into a fur coat, until the “Dynamic Dalmatian Duo” rescue all their puppies and then some, making a total of 99 puppies. Cruella has a very recognizable look, one that strikes fear into the heart of any dog nearby. Despite that, she is a Disney character that many cosplayers have taken a liking to, making her an icon.


Many versions of this twisted sister have arisen, everything from classic, to modern, to fashion forward. However, none could stand a chance next to Cat O’Nine’s version of a pin-up, sexy Cruella. The long fur coat steps aside making way for some wicked lingerie and gorgeous grin. She can easily steal not only puppies but the hearts of her fans.


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