Cosplay of the Day: Abby Dark-Star’s Chun Li!

We have been slamming you guys with some pretty epic female fighter cosplays from some of our favorite classic fighting games over the last few weeks, so it only seems logical to continue to seek-out and share another epic knockout female fighter. Chun Li has to be one of the most positive and exuberant fighters out there.  Since her debut in the early 90s in Street Fighter II, Chun Li has devoted herself to protecting the lives of the innocent as she has continued to claim her revenge on the Shadaloo organization and its leader, Bison, who is responsible for causing mayhem while abducting numerous innocent people along the way—including her beloved father. She may be cute and quirky, but you definitely would not want to have to dodge her super-fast lightning kicks that are known for rapidly depleting health bars.


Most people will recognize Chun Li’s character when they spot her at a convention, as she has made an appearance in other games, on tv, in comics and mangas, and even in the movies. Abby Dark-Star has brought many awesome characters to life for her fans to enjoy, and we have to admit—her Chuni Li from Street Fighter IV is super freaking adorable! In her classic blue and yellow dress, iconic mega spiked bracelets, and adorably pinned ox-horns, Abby Dark-Star looks ready to root out evil wherever she finds it!

Abby Dark-Star has become quite known in the cosplay community for creating superbly accurate costumes of some of our favorite characters.  Creating cosplays of Catwoman, Indiana Jones, Poison Ivy, and much more, Abby definitely deserves every ounce of praise that she has been receiving of late.  To prove her success, she is even being portrayed by a video game character in the upcoming game, Comic ConQuest.  With every convention, we look forward to a new costume by this extremely talented cosplayer, and can’t wait to see what she brings next!


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Written by Guest Contributor: Domoshimi