Cosplay of the Day: Check out this World of Warcraft Child of the Stars!

This astounding elf won’t have any problems defeating and conquering her adversaries! A beautifully crafted costume by Yurikocosplay shows this Child of The Star from World of Warcraft has a great talent in crafting. Night Elves are reclusive, and mystical. Their beautiful outfits and weapons make for a more flashy war for peace, and their hidden ways keep them even more unknown and more mysterious than ever.


With the help of their faerie friends, these Elves are nearly unstoppable. Their gigantic trees and weapons are a sight to see along with the costumes and strange weaponry. These Elves know how to use their dangerous weapons in a flashy, unstoppable fight. Cunning and beautiful, this Night Elf shines bright against the darkness of the world.  With a bow and arrow, she is definitely unstoppable. YurikoCosplay has done a marvelous job of crafting and portraying the beautiful Night Elves from World of Warcraft. The Children of The Stars would definitely be proud to have this Elf in their squad.


View more of YurikoCosplay’s photos and costumes at the following links: Facebook | DeviantArt


Written by Guest Contributor: KuroNeko
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