Cosplay of the Day: An Epic Mass Effect Cosplay to Celebrate N7 Day

Today is the day for Mass Effect fans to celebrate the trilogy that they have come to love these past years, as it is November 7th, marking N7 day.  Members of N7 are those talented military officials who have gone through rigorous training in order to fight for justice in the intergalactic galaxy.  Although the training is tough and can easily take a toll on even the bravest, strongest of men and women, those who come out of it are surely the best of the best and ready for any action that comes their way.  One of these N7 members who has surely proven herself in battle is Commander Shepard, lead character of the Mass Effect series.

In honor of N7 day, cosplayer Shenzi has posted these amazing pictures of her cosplay of Mass Effect’s Commander Shepard.  With spot-on armory and weaponry, Shenzi is more than ready to demolish those pesky aliens Commander Shepard style!




For more of Shenzi’s work, visit her Facebook and DeviantArt pages!


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