Cosplay of the Day: A Fantastic Cammy Cosplay

One of Street Fighter’s most prominent female characters, Cammy has become one of the most popular characters to cosplay as, and it’s no wonder why!  Cammy is not only beautiful, but extremely powerful and a force to be reckoned with.  Always donning her signature braids, black combat boots, red military-styled cap, and red gloves to provide an extra punch to her opponent, Cammy is always easily recognizable.  Added to this, her green thonged leotard which has made her one of the sexiest female characters in all of gaming history.

For today’s Cosplay of the Day, we feature cosplayer katybear, who created this amazing costume of Cammy that shows off all of the character’s beauty and power.  In a stance showing that she is on high alert and ready to pounce at a moment’s notice, Katy perfectly evokes Cammy in her tribute to the iconic Street Fighter character that we have grown so attached to over the past two decades.


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