Cosplay of the Day: A Femme Thor Cosplay that Brings Down the Hammer

Every person that has heard of Thor knows the God of Thunder as this hulking man with facial hair and rippling muscles, but maybe the time has come for us to rethink that image. Thor is now taking on a more feminine look with this fabulous cosplay that is anything but masculine.

Thor made his name in the world through Norse mythology, but he didn’t get much attention until after Stan Lee got his hands on the story, thus making the god a household name. Thor is now known around the world as not only a god, but a superhero and member of The Avengers. Weilding his hammer, he can take on any enemy, including his brother Loki.

The new movies that have come out recently have given Thor more publicity, making him one of the more popular Marvel Superheroes. This cosplay by lady-narven is impecably crafted and amazingly creative. Straying away from the cliche Thor look, she still keeps the character’s spirit in the outfit and brings us a re-imagining that makes Thor more beautiful than ever.




Written by Guest Contributor: RennieStarks
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