Cosplay of the Day: Grand Theft Auto’s Lola Del Rio!


The time has finally arrived, Rockstar and Grand Theft Auto fans! Gamers everywhere have been lining up tirelessly at their local game retailers, anxiously waiting for their chance to get their hands on Rockstar’s newest much-anticipated installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, Grand Theft Auto 5. Slating itself to be the grandest Grand Theft Auto game ever developed, we surely have high expectations. Yet even though a new game in the series has been released, we still have love for the previous Grand Theft Auto games as well.

One of these games, Grand Theft Auto IV, gave us hours upon hours of fun, following the tale of the newcomer to America, Niko Bellic. And although Grand Theft Auto has never been known for having outstanding female characters, they surely know how to put a few beautiful ones on their cover art and posters!

Surely, we all remember the lollipop-licking bombshell, Lola Del Rio, from GTA 4’s boxart, and cosplayer/model Kristen Lenae created a replica of her that is superbly spot-on. With long, dark hair, red lollipop and matching red crop top, Kristen Lenae looks even better than the flawless woman on the posters! To add to the epicness of this photo, Kristen included a Grand Theft Auto backdrop, adding an extra touch of realism and placing her right into the GTA world.


Kristen also has many more gaming-themed photosets that you should be sure to check out, such as her lovely Assassin’s Creed shoot! Follow her on Twitter and check out her website for more!


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