Cosplay of the Day: Juliet Starling Slashes Through the Zombies!


Juliet Starling started out in San Romero High, only to be thrown into a world of zombies. Her boyfriend, Nick, was unfortunately bitten, but this beautiful heroine had no problems with using magic to keep him alive and sane. Juliet is a long-time zombie hunter, and one of San Romero’s finest sparkle-hunting heroines in Lolipop Chainsaw. Lexi Strife perfectly captured Juliet Starling’s outfit, chainsaw, and attitude in this amazing cosplay. As seen, she definitely knows how to handle the zombies!

LexiStrife not only captured the costume and character of Juliet, but she was able to do a few shoots with zombies, putting her right into the world of Lolipop Chainsaw. It made for an epic piece and shows the audience what the game is all about. Though Juliet has to save the world from a zombie outbreak, Lexi is more than prepared to kick her way through the zombies, and others, to create a perfect picture of Juliet Starling in her San Romero outfit.


Be sure to check out Lexi’s other cosplays at the following pages: Deviantart | Facebook 


Written by Guest Contributor: KuroNeko
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