Cosplay of the Day: Kick it Zafina Style!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you about this amazing cosplay! This day’s feature goes to the amazing and talented Aurarinoa, and her astounding Zafina cosplay from Tekken 6. A perfectly crafted cosplay brings out the cleverness and knowledgable Zafina, fighting her way and attempting to avoid chaos in order to win. Her character is calm, focused, and wishes to master Ancient Assassinations art. Though her attacks are moderate, Aurarinoa won’t have any problems defeating any of her adversaries in this amazing costume!

Zafina’s hardcore fighting technique shows her flexible frame, and numerous combat stances, which have been perfectly photographed in these cosplay photos. The Ancient Assassin has no problems kicking enemies around with her mantis, spider and scorpion moves, as shown in Tekken 6, and shown through this cosplay. Tekken’s fast-moving heroine is a great muse to many and has been known to be quite unstoppable in her fights. Though she hasn’t been shown in many Tekken games, Zafina is surely guaranteed to rock the world of cosplay and arts through this amazing showcase by AuraRinoa!



Photography by Gionata Bottari.


Written by Guest Contributor: KuroNeko
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