Cosplay of the Day: A Sailor Moon Christmas Cosplay!

sailor-moon-christmas-cosplay-1Christmas is finally right around the corner and many of us are surely ready to gather around the Christmas tree and open up presents.  Helping put us in the Christmas spirit today is Chiquitita Cosplay with this adorable Christmas-themed Sailor Moon cosplay.  This popular anime still has an incredibly large fan base, with its lovable characters and silly dialogue.  The Sailors are also extremely popular when it comes to cosplay as well, but Chiquitita put a unique spin on Sailor Moon that we have not seen before, turning her usual get-up into a Santa styled dress.  Yet the beauty of this cosplay is that even though Chiquitita changed the outfit, she is still highly recognizable, with signature Sailor Moon hair style and crescent moon-head black kitty cat, Luna, by her side.  We are absolutely loving this photo!


Photography by Dan Mulcahy.
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