Cosplay of the Day: Test Your Runner Skills with Faith!

A wonderful representation of Faith Connors from Mirrors Edge is featured here in this cosplay by Angela Bermudez. This independent Runner slides into action and works to sprint around the City to survive. Born into a family of four, Faith seemed to be in a perfect life until she ran away from home and was trained under Mercury’s wing to become a Runner. This cosplay surely shows the action and characteristic of Faith, who definitely knows how to put herself straight into action. It takes a lot of special tactic to pose like this!

Angela perfectly crafted this costume into a cosplay of Faith Connors, and looks exactly like the running heroine from Mirrors Edge. The poses in these cosplay photos are like a screensnap from the game. This 3rd Tier Runner, protagonist, and action heroine slams into the city conspiracies with her action-oriented moves and amazing build, making for an awesome video game and cosplay character. Angela Bermudez took this cosplay, character, and game, and made it a reality. Faith Connors would be proud.



Photography by Andres H.

Written by Guest Contributor: KuroNeko
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