Cosplay of the Day: The Tortured Outcast, Carrie

Poor Carrie White was surely the farthest thing from being the most popular girl at her high school.  Yet she was well-known, for all the wrong reasons. Known for having a crazy religious upbringing in which her mother taught her that everyone would be damned to Hell, no one wanted to get near the teenager with such a psychotic mother.  Outcasted her entire life because of this, Carrie hoped and prayed that one day she would become accepted by her peers and finally have some real friends.  When asked the prom by the most popular boy in school, things were starting to look up for her.  Prom was surely the best day of her life, where she danced and actually had fun for once, feeling like she was finally a part of something– in the beginning, at least.

Carrie surely had her enemies, even though she never did anything to harm anyone.  And when dubbed prom queen, Carrie took the stage to receieve the crown, as pig’s blood was poured on her in front of everyone.  Unfortunately for her peers, this was a grave mistake, as little did they know that Carrie held telekinetic powers, as she went into a rage and killed those that had caused her so much torment.

Cosplayer Tenori-Tiger perfected the iconic scene of when the pig’s blood is poured on Carrie.  Her reaction shows us a tremendous amount of anger, and it is obvious that Tenori is preparing to release a huge amount of vengeance, just as Carrie White did.

Happy Halloween!


Photography by Onkami
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